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General School Rules


General School Rules

1.   Each student shall respect the rights and property of every other student.

2.                         Students shall not show disrespect for any adult school employee.

3.                         Students shall not use unchaste or profane language.

4.                         Tobacco and alcohol in any form is strictly forbidden.

5.                         Knives and other implements which may be dangerous shall not be brought to school.

6.                         Students shall not throw rocks and other missiles on the school grounds.

7.                         Students shall not leave the school grounds without permission.

8.                         Students shall not be habitually tardy or absent from school. (See attendance regulations)

9.                         Running and shoving in the school buildings is prohibited.

10.                    Food and drink shall not be brought into the classroom building without permission.

11.                    Do not throw paper and other forms of litter on the school grounds.

12.                    The steps shall be used when moving from one playground area to another.

13.                    The fire escape is off limits. The rails in front of main building are not chairs. Keep off!

14.                    Desk, walls, walks, basements, and all school property must not be written on or damaged in any way.

15.                    The telephone is for emergency use only.

16.                    Conduct at ball games: All athletic events, whether at home or away, are school activities.Students are responsible to the school for their behavior.

17.                    Amorous Conduct: Overly amorous conduct on campus is a display of poor taste (kissing touching, etc.).

18.                    Cameras, radios, electronic games, baseball cards, squirt bottles, etc. are not permitted at school.

19.         No student visitors are allowed on campus.

20.                    All teachers and staff (cafeteria workers, janitorial staff, aides, etc.) have the authority to correct any student at all times during the school day and school      functions. DISRESPECT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

21.                    Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school.

22.                    Upon arrival at school all students are to report to the designated duty area. No loitering in cafeteria or on sidewalks after students has been told to report to the playground or to the gym. 

23.                    Allschool rules apply to any and all extra curricular activities and field trips.




School Arrivals and Departures

•       School begins at 7:55 and ends at 3:20 P.M.

•       Students should NOT arrive at school before 7:15 A.M. We cannot assume responsibility for students who arrive at school before this time.

•       Students who eat breakfast in the cafeteria should be at school by 7:40 A.M. They go directly to the cafeteria as soon as they get off the bus. Students are not allowed in the building until the 7:55 bell rings.

•       Students who ride in cars dismiss at 3:20 P.M. Buses will follow car pickup. Please do not check your child out early except in cases of after school appointments or other emergencies. All parents should use the car line to pick up your child instead of coming into the schoolyard or classroom to walk them across the street. Students who leave the school early at anytime MUST check out in the office. Parents please remember that checkouts go against attendance.(See new attendance policy) These precautions will cut down on the possibility of an accident happening and cut down on traffic problems.

•       Make sure your child knows before he/she leaves home whether he/she is to ride the bus, be a car pick up, etc. Send a note with your child anytime he/she is to go somewhere different, or leave school in a way other than his/her usual way in the afternoon. Parents who pick students up during the day must stop in the office to sign students out. DO NOT go to the classroom. It is very important that class instruction is NOT interrupted. This is a disservice for ALL students. It is also a necessary safety measure for your child/children. Children may leave school with their parents ONLY. If you want anyone else to check your children out of school, you must come by the office and sign a form giving your permission. This is NECESSARY. Students will NOT be allowed to leave with someone not on their checkout list. In cases of emergencies please talk with the principal for the necessary arrangements to be made.